The History of Wellspring

The Wellspring Children’s Medical Centre first opened for clinical work in January 2008. This facility included child health clinics, vaccination clinics, an acute day ward, pharmacy and laboratory.

some of the children we support

Child sponsorship programmes began in 2009, caring for children with life threatening illnesses such as AIDS and children with various physical disabilities.

In 2011 Manchester Airports Group offered to sponsor Medcare in a 3-year project aimed to increase the size of Wellspring. MAG also generously provided Medcare with 3 years sustainability funds to assist the charity as patient numbers inevitably increased

The newly enlarged and refurbished Wellspring Medical Centre was opened in 2014. Additional services included a physiotherapy department, child sponsorship facilities, administration office, antenatal and postnatal clinics, vocational training unit, a new laboratory and enlarged ward.

In 2018 a purpose built Home for Disabled and Disadvantaged children was built, housing 42 seriously deprived disabled children. Since 2021, Samaritan’s Purse have provided funds to assist in the everyday care of these children. 

Late in 2022 Medcare was provided with a £500,000 legacy from the Emmanuel Cohen Estate. This amazing provision is to be used to provide a rehabilitation outreach project (Community Based Rehabilitation – CBR) in communities surrounding the Wellspring Children’s Medical Centre, and the development of a new unit at Wellspring providing rehabilitation services for children suffering from cerebral palsy and similar disabilities.

In March 2023 Manchester Airports Group have once again partnered with Medcare, generously assisting with the continued funding and development of the Wellspring Children’s Medical Centre.

Medcare continues to raise funds for sustainability and continued development of services to sick, disadvantaged Ugandan children.

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If you are a UK tax payer, we can reclaim the tax you have already paid on your donation. A £10 gift from you will be worth £12 to Medcare. This is an easy way to ensure your contribution has maximum effect where it matters; on the children of Uganda.

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