Our Successes

Shakirah’s Story...

In 2023 Shakirah Namwanje graduating as a Medical Laboratory Assistant. She graduated as the best academic student in her year. 

When she was 14 years old she was put on the Wellspring Sponsorship Scheme after seeing how she was struggling with her health after her father abandoned her family. He left following Shakirah’s diagnosis with HIV, and denied she was his daughter. With support from Wellspring, Shakira managed to initiate her mother on to ARVs which she had refused many years before. Wellspring’s first task was to stabilize Shakirah’s life and then send her to school. After secondary school, Shakirah had a dream to save other lives and she opted to do so by joining a college for health professionals. With our support, she graduated this year and now, herself a health professional, is saving the lives of others, as a medical laboratory assistant. 

Anthony’s Story...

“I feel I am still dreaming about my life today. God has brought me a long way. My own family discriminated against me. They hated and abandoned me thinking I was totally hopeless because of my disability. I began hating myself and asking a lot of questions about why among all my siblings I was the only one disabled. But God is good! He brought people who believed in me, empowered me, raised me and encouraged me to take up a career. I can now make books and all kinds of clothes; I am loved and valued in my community because of what am doing. I can now see a bright future ahead of me. I promise I will attempt to empower all discriminated disabled children and stand and support women such as Mummy Noeline, in whatever way I can, to raise children like me.” 


Anthony was taken to Noeline’s home at the age of 7 years, suffering from TB spine. In 2018 she, together with the other children living with Noeline, moved into the Wellspring Home for Disabled Children. Despite spinal surgery Anthony never regained the use of her legs and is now wheelchair bound. Despite all her troubles, Anthony has developed into a beautiful, gentle young lady, content and fully trusting God for her future. She is a shining example to us all.

Josephine’s Story...

Josephine is an AIDS orphan who has been sponsored since she was 11 years of age. She lives with her elderly grandmother who is very poor.

She has been successfully treated for TB and received surgery for bilateral cataracts. Without the assistance from her sponsor she may well have died and would certainly have become blind. Josephine is now training to be a hairdresser so that she can earn her own living and help her grandmother.

Mary’s Story...

As a baby Mary had a bilateral below knee amputation following an unknown infection, probably meningitis. She was later abandoned because of her disability and now lives in the orphanage for disabled children.

Medcare raised funds to provide Mary with prostheses and she is now a very active young girl who loves to dance.

Jeremiah’s Story...

Jeremiah was orphaned through AIDS immediately after birth. At 7 months old he was found seriously neglected, malnourished and dying. Urgent referral saved this little boy’s life.

He now lives with his grandfather and has developed into a happy, healthy child.

Read his Grandfather’s story here.

Isaac’s Story...

Isaac was discovered at three years old with clubbed feet.

A comparatively small sum of £300 meant he could have corrective surgery. He now has an active life and loves playing football!

Florence’s Story...

When Florence was 12 years old she was admitted to Wellspring dying from advanced AIDS and malnutrition.

Emergency treatment saved her life and she is now transformed to a healthy young girl.

Read her Grandmother’s story here.

Angel’s Story...

Angel was abandoned by her mother and found severely neglected, unable to walk or talk, incontinent and covered in sores. She was found to have severe malnutrition and inactive TB spine.

We found Angel accommodation at an orphanage in Bukulule and gave her medical treatment, together with a medically approved diet. Within four months she was transformed and is now a chatty, happy and healthy little girl. If Medcare hadn’t have found her she would not have survived.

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