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Manchester Airports Group (MAG)

MAGMedcare is the first group-wide charity that MAG has supported. As well as financial support, MAG have given time for employees with key skills to help transform lives of children. From 2011-2014 MAG raised funds to enable the refurbishment and extension of the Wellspring Children’s Medical Centre, at a cost of £200,000. This work, which was completed in 2014, is providing opportunities for Medcare to treat thousands more children each year and to develop specialties to assist those children suffering from malaria, HIV/AIDS and those with physical disabilities and cerebral palsy.

Charlie Cornish, MAG’s Chief Executive, said, “I am confident that our work will make a huge difference to people who need help.”

MAG have provided funds to assist with sustainability of the enlarged medical centre for a 3 year period. In February 2015 a team of 9 MAG Graduates  travelled to Uganda with Medcare. The aims of this visit were to fact find regarding the work of Medcare and  observe the needs of disabled children living in poverty in the villages, particularly those suffering from cerebral palsy. They also painted 2 new homes which had been built by Medcare for needy children and their families, and ran 2 craft and sports days, one for children with cerebral palsy and the other for children suffering from AIDS. The laughter and happiness in the faces of these children was so rewarding to see.  Throughout 2015/2016 the MAG graduates are organizing a number of fund raising events , raising funds which will be shared by Medcare the present MAG designated charity, Clic Sargent. The money raised for Medcare will aid us in  the build of the new orphanage for disabled children. Along with an Airbus team and other supporters the target for this project is £60,000 to be raised by Christmas 2016.

AIRBUS Facilities Management and Real Estate Team, Broughton

The Airbus facilities management and real estate team at Broughton Airport are fund raising specifically for the development  of the new home for disabled children, Noeline’s home.  £7,000 has already been raised to enable the purchase of land in Uganda for this purpose. The team are continuing to raise funds to meet the £60,000 target, together with MAG graduates and other sponsors.

SPL International

SPL InternationalSPL have supported Medcare activities in Uganda for a number of years. They presently provide funds for an office assistant/fund raiser, who works from the UK office in Frodsham, Cheshire. This provision is a wonderful legacy in memory of Phil Jones, previous Managing Director of SPL, who sadly died in 2014.

Inner Wheel, Frodsham and Helsby

Inner Wheel, Frodsham and HelsbyThe Frodsham and Helsby Inner Wheel International Committee  have adopted Medcare as their main overseas charity for 2015/16.  We are grateful to all members of the Inner Wheel for their support and hard work on behalf of Medcare.

Summerseat Methodist Primary School, Bury

Children from Summerseat Methodist Primary School have been supporting a little girl named Tracey for 5 years. Tracey is an AIDS orphan and herself suffers from AIDS. The school have raised money each year to provide food, medicines and a safe home for Tracey. She is growing up into a healthy, happy child.  The donations from the children of Summerseat Methodist Primary have transformed her life.

Beechwood Primary School, Runcorn

Beechwood Primary School raised funds to enable surgery for 3 year old Isaac born with bilateral clubbed feet. Isaac’s story inspired Medcare to develop the MDI sponsorship scheme for disabled children. Since that time the children at Beechwood School have raised money for orthopaedic surgery for Emmanuel, ‘bow leg’ and AIDS, and spinal surgery for Victoria, TB spine. All these children are thriving and happy. The school continues to assist Isaac in his education through the MSI sponsorship scheme. Over the next 12 months the children are planning to raised £720 so that the boy’s dormitory in the new Noeline’s Home can be fully equipped. When he moves into the new orphanage Isaac will be able to sleep on a real bed instead of the floor. This dormitory will be called Beechwood School Dormitory!

King’s Church, Frodsham

Kingís Church, FrodshamKings Church congregation have supported the work of Medcare since its beginnings. In addition to providing spiritual and financial support the Church sponsors Nicholas through the COIN sponsorship project. Nicholas is a young Ugandan boy suffering from AIDS, living in extreme poverty,.  Many Church members also provide additional support to other very needy children cared for by Medcare.

Brook Chapel, Runcorn

The congregation at Brook Chapel regularly support Medcare  -financially, spiritually and through the practical provision of beautifully knitted baby’s clothes and blankets

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