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Wellspring Children’s Medical Centre

Nearly 20,000 children are treated in the clinics and on the ward annually and this figure is rising. The smallest donation towards the running of the Medical Centre will go a long way in saving the lives of these children.

Every penny counts....

7p will buy a sack of rice – food for a starving child
20p buys a litre of milk – essential for a malnourished child
70p treats one child with malaria – the greatest killer of Ugandan children
90p per day provides hope through sponsorship of a child with AIDS
£3 will purchase a life saving mosquito net
£5 provides the salary for a trained nurse for one day
£10 provides vocational training for a disadvantaged child for 4 weeks.

A little money goes a long way in Uganda.

Wellspring Child Sponsorship Scheme

Just £30 a month to help transform and save a child’s life. 

The Wellspring Child Sponsorship Scheme provides health and hope for children with chronic life-threatening illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, Sickle Cell Disease, epilepsy and those with physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus and congenital abnormalities. These children are often marginalised in their communities and many have been abandoned by their families because of their sickness or disability.

At a cost of just £30 a month such children on sponsorship will be provided with:

  • Nutritious food - a medically approved diet
  • Wellspring Children’s Medical Centre services when required, free of charge
  • Regular monthly clinical reviews
  • Transport costs to Wellspring clinics, AIDS clinics, physiotherapy and hospital appointments
  • Hospital admission for short-term medical care
  • Counseling for the whole family
  • Additional social needs

Sponsors will receive: 

  • Annual reports of the child’s progress
  • An up-to-date photograph
  • An opportunity to correspond with the sponsored child 

Other ways for a sponsor to assist their child:

 Gifts can be purchased for their child by putting funds into the child’s account. Gifts such as:

  • A small toy - £3
  • Clothing - £5
  • Shoes - £10
  • Bedding - £10
  • Food to feed the family for one month - £25

If sponsors wish to contribute towards the education of their child costs will be:

  • £100 (junior school) / £200 (senior school and/or boarding) annually
  • Vocational training - £300 for one year

To sponsor a child on the Wellspring Child Sponsorship Scheme please contact Medcare on admin.medcare@icloud.com. Child details will be sent to you. To donate towards sponsorship or the Wellspring Children's Medical Centre please use the PayPal or JustGiving links below.


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Make it worth more

If you are a UK tax payer, we can reclaim the tax you have already paid on your donation. A £10 gift from you will be worth £12 to Medcare. This is an easy way to ensure your contribution has maximum effect where it matters; on the children of Uganda.

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