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Johnson Ssempungu

Johnson’s parents had used up their life savings and had given up hope for their son... 

Johnson Ssempungu is a 2 year old Ugandan boy. He is the only child of Proscovia and Joseph who live in extreme poverty living on 50p per day.  Johnson was born with a congenital heart complaint called Fallots Tetralogy - with 4 anatomical abnormalities of the heart. He was always short of breath and was unable to walk or exert himself in any way.  He had spells of extremely rapid breathing when he became blue, confused and distressed. These episodes are very distressing and dangerous and can lead to serious brain damage and even death.  Uganda could not provide the complicated open heart surgery he so desperately needsed..

Wellspring Home for Disabled Children / Noeline's Home

Noeline is a disabled Ugandan woman who cares for 38 abandoned or orphaned disabled and disadvantaged children in a small home with 4 rooms and a kitchen. Noeline’s children suffer from cerebral palsy, physical deformities, deafness, blindness, AIDS and neglect and progressive illnesses. The present home is overcrowded with no special facilities, children sleeping on 3 tier bunks or on the floor. Toilets are unhygienic and the play area is uneven and dangerous for the children to play on. In addition, there is no spare land for self-sufficiency farming.

Cerebral Palsy

The World Health Organisation estimates that 1:300 African children have Cerebral Palsy, caused by birth trauma, cerebral palsy and meningitis. In Uganda 60% of cerebral palsy  is due to cerebral malaria. There are very few services available for children with cerebral malaria in Uganda.

Children with cerebral palsy are often seen as a curse in Uganda and are marginalised and hidden away. Many die due to ignorance, neglect and malnutrition. However, many children with cerebral palsy have normal intelligence and with physiotherapy and occupational therapy from an early age many cerebral palsy children can be greatly helped. Social assistance and health education is urgently needed for such children.


Gloria is 2 years old. She lives with her parents, in Uganda, in extreme poverty. Gloria was born with Downs Syndrome. Uganda does not have any statistics on the number of persons with DS. However it’s estimated that out of 700 -1000 children born, 1 has DS. With the Uganda population of about 36 million, this translates to about 36,000 persons with DS in Uganda.  

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