Johnson Ssempungu

Johnson’s parents had used up their life savings and had given up hope for their son... 

Johnson Ssempungu is a 2 year old Ugandan boy. He is the only child of Proscovia and Joseph who live in extreme poverty living on 50p per day.  Johnson was born with a congenital heart complaint called Fallots Tetralogy - with 4 anatomical abnormalities of the heart. He was always short of breath and was unable to walk or exert himself in any way.  He had spells of extremely rapid breathing when he became blue, confused and distressed. These episodes are very distressing and dangerous and can lead to serious brain damage and even death.  Uganda could not provide the complicated open heart surgery he so desperately needsed..

...With the help of generous supporters Medcare has raised £8,000 to enable Johnson to travel to the Naryana Hospital in Bangalore, India for open heart surgery. This was successfuly completed on 9th February 2016. Read about Johnson's incredible 'journey'

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to the care of this little boy. One more precious life saved! 


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