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Noeline is a disabled Ugandan woman who cares for 38 abandoned or orphaned disabled and disadvantaged children in a small home with 4 rooms and a kitchen. Noeline’s children suffer from cerebral palsy, physical deformities, deafness, blindness, AIDS and neglect and progressive illnesses. The present home is overcrowded with no special facilities, children sleeping on 3 tier bunks or on the floor. Toilets are unhygienic and the play area is uneven and dangerous for the children to play on. In addition, there is no spare land for self-sufficiency farming.

The new home for these children has been specially designed. This will house up to 44 children and will provide:

  • Boy’s dormitory – housing 12 boys on 2 tier bunks 
  • Girl’s dormitory – housing 12 girls on 2 tier bunks
  • 2x4 bed girl’s room with 2 tier bunks 
  • 2x4 bed boy’s room with 2 tier bunks 
  • 1 child’s room with one 2 tier bunk 
  • 2 adult rooms 
  • Sick bay 
  • Kitchen 
  • Dining area 
  • Noeline’s private room and office 
  • Large living space
  • New girl’s and boy’s toilets and showers 
  • 2 new work spaces – for carpentry and other occupations 
  • An outside play area 
  • Land for farming

Benefits of the new Noeline’s home are:

  • New home fit for purpose
  • More children housed, segregation of sexes, improved hygiene
  • Enlarged, private facilities for Noeline
  • Provision for the seriously ill and those requiring physiotherapy
  • Safer and more hygienic kitchen
  • Safer play areas
  • Workshop facilities – assisting in vocational training and  income for orphanage
  • Associated land for farming – providing self sufficiency and additional means of income. 

Medcare’s long term aims with regard to building a new Noeline’s home are:

  • Provision of safe, hygienic housing for seriously deprived, abused, abandoned, rejected handicapped children, in a loving family environment.
  • Secure future with provision of long term care for the seriously handicapped and vocational training for those more able.
  • Integration of the handicapped into local schools and communities, in an attempt to abolish prejudices and superstitions.
  • Enabling disabled children to take their rightful places within their communities, providing them with a knowledge of their own self worth and hope for the future. 

If you wish to assist us with donating or raising funds for this very important, life transforming project please contact the Medcare office.

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