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The Better Bed Company is based in Frodsham, Cheshire, the town where Medcare’s office is based. Not only do they supply beds and bedroom furniture and support local charities such as Medcare, but they also promote a better night’s sleep to assist in mental health. Here is their blog with information on how to ensure your children get a better night’s sleep - to the benefit of their health, and yours!

For both children and adults, it’s important to get a quality sleep. Sleep is a part of healthy living and it’s not just about laying down and going off to dreamland. There are so many things to think about which could help get the best sleep- not just mattresses and beds. Here’s some things to think about!

Routine - You should always get your children ready for bed in the same type of way. This can be reading a book to your child or bath time. This will keep your kids calm and relaxed and help them in later life. 

Keep Nap Times Short - Try keeping your child’s nap time around 30 minutes at the most, depending on their age. You would also be best to set them down in the morning rather than the late afternoon, so they have time to burn off their energy ready for night time. 

Mattresses And Beds – It’s important that your child is supported and comfortable while sleeping. Getting a good quality mattress and bed can really help children get a healthy sleep. This would set them off ready for their day’s activities. 

Eating Correctly And At The Right Time – Your children need to have the correct diet plan. There’s always time for sweets and treats though! Just think about limiting this, particularly in the afternoons and evenings. 

Amount Of Sleep – Children need from approximately 9-12 hrs of sleep during the night, depending on age also. Setting alarms can help keep them into a routine and also helps them not sleep the day away!

Noise – You would want to keep the noise to a minimum while your child is sleeping. This could mean turning the TV down, shutting windows and just in general keeping quiet. This is going to help them to keep settled though out the night. 

Make Them Feel Safe – Your child will feel more relaxed if they feel safe. Arguing in front of child can upset them and this can affect their sleep as well as their mental health. It’s important to create the best atmosphere possible in the home. 

Change Your Mattress – You should change your mattress every 8 years. This is going to provide a better sleeping surface and keep the area hygienic. Here at we are here to help and will provide expert recommendation and advice to improve your sleep. 

Better Bed Company are working to raise awareness of how sleep can impact everyone in a positive way. We have set up a charity page on our website to try raise awareness of some amazing charities, including Medcare, and the great work they are doing to improve the lives of people all over the world. We are here to provide information and guidance and raise awareness on how healthy sleep can have a positive effect. 

22nd February 2022

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