Jamie's Tough Mudder for Medcare!

I decided that I wanted to do something different for my 40th birthday and, instead of having a party, decided to fund my place on a Medcare visit to Uganda in June 2017 to see first hand the work of this great charity and, at the same time, try to raise some funds for it.

To get people to sponsor me, it had to be something big and, whilst most exercise is big for me, I've done 10km races in the past and it didn't feel like that would inspire people's generosity enough. My wife heard about this crazy group of people doing Tough Mudder on 20 May 2017 and it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Having checked that it really was the full 10-12 mile one (I was hoping it was the half!), I registered and, a few months later, found myself on the start line at Belvoir Castle in Grantham, Lincolnshire with my 2 teammates, Chris and Rick. Little did I know then how amazing they would be. Having torn my hamstring on the obstacle called Everest 2.0 only 5 miles in to the 10 mile course, I had to hobble the remaining 5 miles at walking pace and no amount of telling them to go ahead and leave me behind would make them do so, even when the glorious sunshine turned to cold, torrential rain. Shivering, they kept my spirits up and helped me to finish, dragging me, dazed and confused, out of the last obstacle, Electroshocktherapy (!!!), and helping me up and over the finish line. I couldn't have finished and raised what I did for Medcare without them and will always remember them for that, as I'll remember the whole experience as a fantastic one. I'm really pleased with what I managed to raised for Medcare but, if anyone reading this thinks my story deserves to raise even more for this great charity, please visit my JustGiving page.

Jamie Partridge

31st May 2017

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