Cissy's Story...

CissyLife was the worst thing I had ever thought of.  I never knew what life was without tablets.  During my early years, when my mother was still alive, we used to take tablets together and I thought it was normal and no-one could live without tablets.

Time past and my mother became very sick and eventually she died.  I was taken to live with my father. There I found that none of the family members were taking tablets daily. When I inquired, I was told that I had HIV which had come from my mother.

My family neglected me and none of them could play or eat with me.  I was forbidden to sit in the sitting room when we had a visitor. I began to believe that having HIV is a curse and whoever had it would be punished by death.  I suffered neglect yet I had nobody to share with. I decided to stop taking my drugs for six months, hoping I would eventually die.

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