KennedyMyself and my sister have been born HIV+ve.  Our mother is caring but our father is an alcoholic. We are very poor and when my sister and I fell sick we had no money to find the treatment we needed.

I had lost hope in life and lived one day at a time, thinking that the day of my death was drawing nearer.  One day, I was talking to Isaac, my friend; he told me his secret about the success of his life.  He was also born with HIV, lives a poor life but he was never like me.  “COIN cares for my life.” Isaac said. “Go to see William at Wellspring”. This I did and a few months later was told I was to be given a sponsor from the UK. Since then my life has changed dramatically. I now know that someone really cares for me.

When I get sick, my medical services are well catered for and I am given food supplements every month.  I had previously stopped playing football because I was always sickly, but now I play even better than before!

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