Mahad's Story...

MahadI am Ssekiziyivu Mahad, aged 17 year and I completed my S.4 last year. How can I summarize my life story? I have lived a hard life.  A life that I think even a slave has never lived. A life full of neglect, oppression, poverty and diseases. Thanks to Wellspring because for them, they accepted me…

...I think, I was born normal like other children.  I used to stay with my mother. What I remember, during my early years, I used to have frequent fevers and my mother always took me to health centres for treatment. 
At some stage, I could not even complete a month without falling sick.  This sequence kept on changing and it became more frequent.  In 2010, my mum took to me for HIV screening at Bukulula H/C. We never got the results on the spot but after three days, we went back to collect our results. That is when I was told that I had HIV.  Within the same year, Mum suffered terrible headaches which led to her death.

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