Wellspring Children’s Medical Centre

The Wellspring Children’s Medical Centre provides health and social care to children under the age of 18 years living within a 20 mile radius of the centre, of which there are half a million children.

Wellspring Medical Centre

Children are seen in clinics which provide general paediatric health services and immunizations, together with provision for minor injuries. Annual patient throughput is 20,000 children. In addition, a day ward provides care for thousands of children, mostly suffering from malaria. It is certain that this ward alone saves hundreds of young lives each year, malaria being the biggest killer of Ugandan children.

Antenatal and postnatal clinics provide care for mothers and their babies pre and post birth. The aims of these clinics are to ensure a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery; to reduce the transmission of HIV from mother to baby; to encourage mothers to bring their children for immunisations; and to check on the health of the babies and mothers after birth.

The physiotherapy department provides care within the medical centre and in the communities for a great number of children suffering from various physical disabilities, from clubbed feet to cerebral palsy. Success rates are high and numbers of referrals from the communities, local clinics and hospitals increase every year.

A well equipped laboratory and pharmacy add to the quality of care provided by the medical centre.

Vocational training is available for older children who have otherwise no access to training or education to equip them for adult life.

Christian counseling is provided for all the children, in particular for adolescents and those suffering from HIV/AIDS and those with disabilities.

The Wellspring ambulance is used in outreach weekly, taking drugs and immunisations into the village communities, together with health education for guardians of the children.  Community health workers, employed by Wellspring, assist in this service.

4 child sponsorship schemes are organised by Wellspring. These schemes have proved invaluable to individual children, raising their expectations of a healthy childhood and providing hope for the future.

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