At Medcare we are dedicated to providing health and social care to thousands of sick, desperately poor, Ugandan children

The aims of the charity Medcare are to ensure health equalities for sick, vulnerable, deprived children in the developing world through medical and social care. The main focus of our work is a dedicated children's medical centre, called Wellspring situated in Uganda in in the village of Kamutuuza, 60 miles south of Kampala, serving half a million children within a 20 mile radius of the centre. 

Sponsorship Schemes

Sponsorship Schemes

For many children in Uganda health care is often unobtainable, unaffordable and/or inaccessible. We can only continue to provide this life saving care with your help.

Wellspring Medical Centre

Wellspring Medical Centre

Wellspring provides health and social care to children under the age of 18 years living within a 15 mile radius of the centre, of which there are half a million children.

Our Projectss

Our Projects

Medcare’s present projects aim to provide improved medical and social care to disabled, marginalized children in rural Uganda.

Karen's Inspirational Ugandan Visit

Karen's Inspirational Ugandan Visit

To have spent ten days in Uganda seeing the work of Wellspring and Medcare in action can only be described as a privilege. As a Nurse experienced in humanitarian development and disaster response, I have been truly moved by this experience. It is no understatement or cliché to say that Medcare really has transformed and saved the lives of many children in a rural area of South West Uganda.

Previously I worked in a hospital in the north of the country and it was during this period back in 2010 that I first visited the Wellspring Children’s Medical Centre. Since then, the size of this healthcare facility has grown significantly to accommodate the needs of the local population and the increasing number of patient referrals. Many of us take access to healthcare for granted and consider it to be a basic human right. This is something that Medcare is making a reality for the children of Kamatuuza and the surrounding districts.

join Medcare's team of volunteers join Medcare's team of volunteers join Medcare's team of volunteers

If you are passionate about caring for disadvantaged children why not join Medcare's team of volunteers...

  • Run your own coffee morning, host a charity lunch, enlist in a fun run, propose a dress down day!
  • Come and help in one of Medcare's bigger fund raising events and have fun with the rest of the team.
  • Join one of our Uganda trips and use your skills to help the children.
  • Learn how to make presentations to persuade others of the needs of Ugandan children.

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Make it worth more

If you are a UK tax payer, we can reclaim the tax you have already paid on your donation. A £10 gift from you will be worth £12 to Medcare. This is an easy way to ensure your contribution has maximum effect where it matters; on the children of Uganda.

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