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Team visit to Uganda - Geoff Hutchinson

Team visit to Uganda - Geoff Hutchinson

Our group of 7, shepherded by Pauline at all times, were privileged to witness the start of a new enhanced health provision for the children of Kamutuuza and surrounding villages. Ian Howarth’s photographs have gone a long way to capture the essence of the events surrounding the launch of the newly extended and equipped Wellspring paediatric medical centre. However, the atmosphere of optimism was palpable and the tangible hope and spirit of joy in an otherwise deprived community was humbling.

Everyone shed a tear or two when genuine heartfelt thanks were expressed by children and their carers. Our hearts were broken when we thought for the briefest moment about the facilities enjoyed in the UK by our own children, at home and school and hospital, and the life ‘challenges’ for the beautiful and smiling and loving children in rural Uganda.

Team visit to Uganda - Sarah Kemp

Team visit to Uganda - Sarah Kemp

Uganda is a beautiful country, full of beautiful people and our first visit in November was extraordinary on many levels. It was uplifting, shocking, engaging, levelling, breathtaking, frustrating -  an experience that will never be forgotten. We thought we understood what abject poverty is, but you can never prepare yourself for experiencing the reality of it. There's a statistic out there somewhere that says millions of people in the world live on less than a $1 a day, very hard for us to imagine but we met families who would probabl be ok if they actually had $1 a day, but most don't.

Uganda is a country where 85% of the population are engaged in either agriculture or subsistence farming. They live in the most beautiful lush green equatorial country, no home is  more than a few yards away from crops of corn, sweet potatoes, green bananas, tea, coffee, every kind of produce you can imagine, and yet so many are severely malnourished or starving.

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